Friday, 25 December 2015

I want to shoot everyday

Im always eager to take a picture.

Eager to use my camera.

Its all I want to do.

I don't like to go anywhere without my camera.

I don't really enjoy going places that have no photography opportunities.

The new rule about plastic bags in the UK has given me a greater reason to carry a man bag, so now I can carry a camera around all the time.

Recent time spent in Norwich, its always Norwich, I like the place, it's proved fruitful for street photography and projects, i set myself the challenge of shooting with a manual lens adapted on the X-Pro 1. Sometimes this reaps good results, sometimes its a day of bin fodder!

This day, I hope you agree was successful.

The moment the person in the street that you want to look at you, looks at you!

Great colour and font

Rectangle brick, round hole

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Early morning light

Its all about light.

Im not a lazy person who likes to lay in bed all day long, I naturally wake up approx. 7am regardless of the time I went to bed the night before. But getting up earlier than 7am is hard work.

Now and then I think, 'im going to get up early tomorrow and capture that morning light', Ive only ever managed it once and that time Laura and I woke approx. 4am to start the day on a mission to shoot out in Norfolk and it was windy as hell. So that taught me not to bother again.

However winter is a different animal, the golden light that everyone loves is around 7.30-8.30am at the moment, dare I say it...perfect!

I haven't been out with my camera properly for a while, yes ive used it whilst on Holiday, shopping trips etc but the main priority was not photography, on those occasions its just a bi-product. Also I don't include shooting for clients either; as much as I enjoy it though.

I like the occasions when I get to go out and don't have to rush, I can walk around the same spot looking for the right angle and no ones trying to move me on.

So this morning I got out of bed, a quick cup of coffee and I was gone. Ok I searched the garage first for some gloves.

There were some buildings that I have had on my list to explore again. Id looked around them in the summer with a film camera but it was a fail, the film didn't wind on properly and the whole roll of 36 exposures was scrap.

I used my favourite lens; Sigma 70-200 f/2.8, ive never explored with this combination before but it allowed me to focus on specifics rather than whole rooms or spaces.

On to the light.

Live dangerously

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The streets around the O2

It was a busy weekend when I last visited the big smoke; London.

we spent a little time at the O2 arena like all tourists, though I used this time to walk around and grab shots of the other tourists and the high rise buildings surrounding the word famous structure.

Come to think of it, I didn't take any photos of the dome, why bother, if you want to see a it.

Around the outside of the arena is a partition wall that I guess building work is being conducted behind. Lucky for me this temporary wall is used as a giant bill board containing images of almost full sized humans.

This makes street photography easy.

This guy was hardly dressed properly for the game.

I think this teen realised too late that she had tickets for the wrong show as the crowd partied around her.

Skate or die.

Being a small town boy, tall buildings fascinate me. The perfect warm weather supplied the good time feeling for this image.

Remember to look up.

Down at the waters edge I waited for at least 15 minutes for a couple to walk along together in front of this sign.

Now colour popping is not my 'thing' at all, this could well be my only colour popped image ever and may be the last!

Easy shot, everyone in London loves to run where the big crowds are, ego boost!

Keep shooting!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Street Photography; Cartagena, Spain.

It was a good holiday.

Good weather, good food, good fun and some good photography experiences and subjects.

After the Mountain, street photography was my 2nd favourite photography past time on holiday.

The Spanish city of Cartagena was great; real hustle and bustle in the City centre. In between the shops and people, were bars and cafes serving real delicious tapas and cold beer! you cant beat beer and food. well you can beer, food and cake!

The thing I liked about this trip to Spain is that I really observed how much Spanish people like to congregate and chill with friends. The chilled vibe makes for some easy street photography.

Near the Roman theatre the roads and streets are on a gradient and offer some different views.

A quick beer stop!

Funny looking people in the city centre.

Remembrance of 9/11.

I loved the tight streets with tall old buildings on either side.


Do you ever feel like your being watched?
Seriously cool street art/graffiti

The smoking man

Another beer stop

The sad sailor

This was next to where the car was parked. A nice little find
 I want to go back. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Lights, Camera, Action. On set of Dishonoured Pt.2

I took my camera along to another day of filming of the local made film Dishonoured on Sunday.

It was a late start against the schedule because filming had took place up to 5am that morning and so people were late getting in and out of bed. Rightly so!

As always peoples seemed high (drowsy) though and there was plenty of laughter.

Marcus's family, who's house filming was taking place in, must have a lot of patience as a good dozen people walked in and out every couple of minutes leaving the front door open. I know my wife wouldn't like it.

Because filming was taking place in a home, I knew things would be tight so I took my fisheye lens along to make the most of what's going on. Considering the best image quality from the lens comes at f8, things were tricky in doors when it came to lighting. High ISO was the order of the day, lots of noise!

I wont mention anything about someone getting tied up as that will give the game away!!!

Thanks for a good afternoon.