Monday, 31 August 2015

On top of the bridge.

Recently I was lucky to be invited to go up to the control room of the Crosskeys Bridge in my home town (or is it village?) of Sutton Bridge. 

Now, im sure everyone would automatically think landscape, landscape, landscape;
1) The fens in my opinion doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of spectacular views unless you want to see flat farmland.
2) There wasn't much going on in the sky either as the sun was high and bright which is not what a landscape photographer desires.
3) Im not much of fan of Landscapes anyway.

Instead, some may say, as per usual I focused on the things that others may pass by like the controls etc.

Ok scrap all of the above.

I did like watching the cars come and go down the long straight stretch of the A17 Towards kings Lynn.

I took a couple of shots trying to get a car in the right place to make the most of the distortion on my Wide angle lens.

I suppose the other thing Sutton Bridge is famous for other than the bridge, the clue is in the name after all, is the 337 million pounds power station.

Inside was quite cool, if you like levers, buttons and spinny type wheel things, Oh and don't forget the kettle!

Im not sure ill ever get the chance to go up again but im proud to think or say that ive been up there.
Now id like to go underneath it and see or mechanical parts at work.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Shooting street in the big city; Camden Town.

I love London. I always have since I first visited as a child; going on the tube for the first time was a great experience. I used to visit my brother regularly in my late teenage/early adult years to go out and get...well...smashed.

I love the hustle and bustle, the sights, the people, its a cool place.

On a recent visit I really concentrated on street photography. I went to Camden and of course, there was lots going on; tourists, bored kids, street art and the artists themselves creating their next piece.

In the chaos of the busy of life, 1 person taking photo's of strangers doesn't get noticed like it does in the quieter parts of the country or world like my home town and surrounding locations. The fact is that in the touristy big smoke every other person is carrying a 'big' camera, so my 'little' Fuji helps me blend in that little more.

I really appreciate street art, be it graffiti or stencils. I like the idea that there's a meaning behind the work rather than just tagging a name.

This one guy was painting all day and every now and then I went back to see how he was getting on...he's probably still there.

Down the same street were people hanging out; if that's what you call it, may be a little too much 'party'.

Waiting for people to walk in front of something in particular is both a big waiting game but rewarding when it finally happens. Im still waiting for that show stopping image though that's going to be recognised world wide as a real moment of time, a real stroke of luck/right place right time, uncanny genius. Maybe that wont happen!

In Camden Market there are vintage shops and stalls all over the place. What got me was how much people try to charge for things like old camera's....woah!!!

These 3 boys caught my eye. they sat there for about 10 minutes really bored waiting for someone, I just had to freeze their boredom.

Looking down on the world is great, people don't know your there, in a place like Camden 100's of people pass underneath you (not counting the tube) every minute.

My companions on the trip did wonder why I photographed so many strangers though............maybe not enough selfies for them?

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lights, CAMERA, action. On set with Dishonoured

To start, I can't believe this is my 80th blog post, what have I been talking about for all this time!?

Occasionally I've been shooting behind the scenes photography of a film being made locally;

Dishonoured (follow link)

Its been good fun to help out where I can.

Recently we went to a 'secret location' in Cambridgeshire and I for one had a great day, creative photography really blossomed.

As always im using the X-Pro 1 a lot, I think my 5D may feel a little left out the majority of the time. The lightweight small nature of the camera and lenses alongside the the quality of the images make it a winner for me. I find it really comfortable in the hand and it suits my shooting style.

On the day I used the lights on set to create silhouettes or as a spot light to pick characters out of the shadows. I took along a Canon Speedlite and combined the ambient light with the flash for a couple of shots using some Yongnuo flash triggers.

Its a shame that some of my best and favourite shots from the day can't be shown yet as they give a way a major part of the plot. These will have to be shown another time.

This guy was sat waiting in the corner

Creative debate

Smoking on the job

Wash the sheets afterwards!

Out of the shadows and into the light