Saturday, 5 March 2016

Return to Causeway Lodge

This place is a great visit for any urbexer; there's 3 houses to explore as well as numerous dark farm buildings.

Every time i drive past it on the way to Peterborough, i want to pop in for a quick explore.

In January i had a 20 minute look around on the way to hospital appointment, my poor back!!!!.

The 1st building at the entrance i guess you could call the gate house. I've been in before but only at the entrance as its been used as a fly tippers parade, its literally full of rubbish downstairs. I climbed over the piled up sofa's and carpets and made my way up the some what iffy stairs; the bottom 3 steps are missing and the rest sway and squirm happily under foot.
Ive said it before i really should have a partner while exploring because this is quite a dangerous hobby.

Upstairs there's not much apart from an old chair, theres always a chair!

I love the way old buildings get taken over by wildlife and undergrowth. Natures trying to reclaim the earth.

The main house is far too dangerous to enter, its suffering a speedy demise.

The first time i had a look around this place i noticed a bungalow in overgrown bushes, this time it was my main mission to have a look around in there. An easy mission considering the windows and doors are pretty much non existent or at the least open.

Here, I've taken probably my 2 most favourable and memorable urbex images yet. The diffused light shining through the windows into the room with the bed in corner paints a cold and sad image.

Life's hard.