Saturday, 28 November 2015

Early morning light

Its all about light.

Im not a lazy person who likes to lay in bed all day long, I naturally wake up approx. 7am regardless of the time I went to bed the night before. But getting up earlier than 7am is hard work.

Now and then I think, 'im going to get up early tomorrow and capture that morning light', Ive only ever managed it once and that time Laura and I woke approx. 4am to start the day on a mission to shoot out in Norfolk and it was windy as hell. So that taught me not to bother again.

However winter is a different animal, the golden light that everyone loves is around 7.30-8.30am at the moment, dare I say it...perfect!

I haven't been out with my camera properly for a while, yes ive used it whilst on Holiday, shopping trips etc but the main priority was not photography, on those occasions its just a bi-product. Also I don't include shooting for clients either; as much as I enjoy it though.

I like the occasions when I get to go out and don't have to rush, I can walk around the same spot looking for the right angle and no ones trying to move me on.

So this morning I got out of bed, a quick cup of coffee and I was gone. Ok I searched the garage first for some gloves.

There were some buildings that I have had on my list to explore again. Id looked around them in the summer with a film camera but it was a fail, the film didn't wind on properly and the whole roll of 36 exposures was scrap.

I used my favourite lens; Sigma 70-200 f/2.8, ive never explored with this combination before but it allowed me to focus on specifics rather than whole rooms or spaces.

On to the light.

Live dangerously