Monday, 15 August 2016

It was always going to happen eventually; the Bridge Hotel fire

10.30pm, a freshly opened cold beer and Laura says to me 'the Bridge Hotel is on fire'; word spreads fast on Facebook.

A quick bike ride later and I was there.

The hotel has stood empty for a few years now, take a look at my various blog posts for more information. 

Since my 1st trip inside for an explore, I've said that someone will burn it down, it was inevitable.

The vandalism, the destruction and now this.

It was quite the spectacle for this small village, there were crowds of people enjoying the show.

Considering the size of the fire crew it must of been quite the battle.

I'll let my images tell the story.

It certainly is.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Marrakesh, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Street Photography.

I really need to get this post written, its been half written on my computer, phone, iPad for over a month. In the space between the holiday I've blogged other stories and have shot various events. Time to spend a little more time on this to finish it off;

This is the 3rd time I've re-written this post.

I'm trying not to sound negative. I haven't figured out a way yet to put a positive spin on everything.

So ill never work as a smiley travel agent; failing to mention that the place isn't built yet or even just that the 5 star hotel that your visiting is really everyone else's 3 star.

Marrakesh, Morocco;  a city of colour and culture.

The 2 faced life in the desert, busy preying on tourists.

The elephant in the room.

The souk.

"Just look for the Mosque" they said.

"You'll be fine" they said.

Walking deeper into the souk, in the wrong direction, in the right direction?
All directions look the same; when you reach a dead end, you start again, in the opposite direction, which could be either right or wrong.

The Streets, the decay, the graffiti, the light, the shadows, they all look great shooting on the way in.

Not bothering on the way out as you might have already shot that wall, person, market store. 
Who knows "they all look the same".

For anyone wanting to experience the famous souk, go for it. 

It's vibrant, lively, a spectacle. 

Unfortunately though, it's a tourist trap; a dangerous place to be.

Not quite the graffiti you want to see
People will want your money. People will step close to and hassle you. 
People will bully you; trying to rip you off. 

A fast buck, an easy target. 

Counting his earnings?

Speaking to one couple I heard that they had been led astray by a market trader with a promise that he would help them find their way out. The couple were actually taken further into the market and were then harassed for £20 for the priveledge of making the situation worse.

A moment of clarity. Its these little things that leave fond memories; the light, the shadows and spending time with the wife.

I never returned to the souk, i never went anywhere afterwards as i caught Gastro-Enteritis.

Ill doesn't describe it.

The plan for the Marrakesh trip was to shoot as much street and travel photography as possible whilst also enjoying chilling out around the pool with Laura.

I spent 3 days being too ill to do anything and then it was pretty much time to come home.

Better luck next time i hope.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rose and the apprentice

Melody Hossaini, star of the 2011 series of the Apprentice was in Long Sutton at the weekend; acting in the latest film by the Holbeach Film Company; Forever Your Rose.


It was 'date night' In a local cafe.

The main character and the apprentice star were on a date and falling madly for each other until rudely interrupted.
Disgruntled girlfriend

Photography for the day; was documentary, looking for 'different' angles and framings.

One of my favourite photos of the day. i Just wait for opportunities like these.

For those who think staring in a film is glamorous, i can assure its not. Sat in a hot cafe on a Sunday afternoon with no air con or fan and a closed door to keep the noise out is not pleasant. Chill out breaks were welcomed.

Despite the temperature, spirits were high and good fun was to be had, with people sharing anecdotes, especially Steph and Melody; the 2 resident celebrities.

Food was supplied was dinner and me for one loves sandwiches, so thanks for that.

The X-Pro 1, continues to be the camera of choice for silent, conspicuous activities; a classic.

For those of you that wonder, Melody is a very good natured polite, approachable person who is interested in these projects that give people a stepping stone to better things. Thanks for being my muse for the day.