Monday, 14 April 2014

Urbexing at the Sutton Bridge 'Art' gallery

The 2nd site I climbed into last week was very close to home.

I had been in the building when it was still open to the public and was a business, safe to say it looks a bit different these days.

Firstly I think local 'artists' have been in and have tried to exhibit their best work.

Secondly, someone thinks the place is now a hotel as it looks like someone has been living here. There is a make shift bed on the floor with a pillow and I found left overs from a previous nights tea.

The site of this explore was a bit disappointing as was the first site in Elm earlier in the week.

I climbed through the window and was only greeted by 2 rooms that are accessible. Someone has boarded up another door way, maybe ill find out what's behind at a later date.

Not much to photograph either apart from the 'art' on the wall.

The lenses of choice for the day were; 24-105, 16mm Fisheye and 70-200.

On to the gallery

The end of what???

Who throws a shoe?

A chair to admire the work.

I got some funny looks climbing out of the window and walking off down the road.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Twice in one week......woah i must be lucky!

If only I was that lucky.

However I have been Urbexing twice this week.

1st on Sunday and then Wednesday.

The 1st was in Elm at the site of an old garage. I first drove past and noticed this a few months back when driving from my sisters to Stowbridge to shoot the B&B. I had my nephew Josh with me too so I thought I would try to season him to the fun of exploring, I still don't think he's convinced.

The garage site is made up of 3 small buildings that to tell the truth are empty and rather uninteresting.

The only things I found were a pile of Yellow Pages from 2002, a another pile of 'jazz' mags strewn across the floor of another building and in the largest building were a few car Nissan parts scattered around and some badges on the wall.

On to the pictures, all shot at high ISO of around 1600 ISO, due to the low available light inside the buildings, not to the mention the overcast sky, roll on summer, oh yeah, I live in England so it will only be raining any way.

I was quite fond of this Toilets sign, maybe I needed to go.

This looked safe.
The parts room

Time for tea!?

Where did I put my keys?

My favourite shot of the day is of a lean too on the side of the parts building. The place was full of overgrown vegetation but the light was shining through the broken window at the end.

Perhaps later today or tomorrow I will write up the 2nd explore of the week.


Thanks for looking


Monday, 7 April 2014

Alone and unloved in Sutton Bridge

I was walking out close to home one morning in February when I come across this sad bear sitting alone and unloved leaning against a wall on the side of the road.

The minute I turned the corner and see it sitting there I knew I had to go and get my camera.

I had not long had my new 70-200 and so it had to be the lens of choice, in fact its still the lens of choice for any photography at the moment; it's such a great piece of glass.

Why someone would leave this out for the rubbish I don't know.....bless it.

It just wants to be loved.

Thanks for looking.