Monday, 19 October 2015

Lights, Camera, Action. On set of Dishonoured Pt.2

I took my camera along to another day of filming of the local made film Dishonoured on Sunday.

It was a late start against the schedule because filming had took place up to 5am that morning and so people were late getting in and out of bed. Rightly so!

As always peoples seemed high (drowsy) though and there was plenty of laughter.

Marcus's family, who's house filming was taking place in, must have a lot of patience as a good dozen people walked in and out every couple of minutes leaving the front door open. I know my wife wouldn't like it.

Because filming was taking place in a home, I knew things would be tight so I took my fisheye lens along to make the most of what's going on. Considering the best image quality from the lens comes at f8, things were tricky in doors when it came to lighting. High ISO was the order of the day, lots of noise!

I wont mention anything about someone getting tied up as that will give the game away!!!

Thanks for a good afternoon.