Monday, 29 December 2014

Kings Lynn; Bored, underground and no shoes.

Some photos sit on my computer just waiting for me to share, blog, upload to Flickr etc, some wait longer than others.
I really need to get back in to blogging, ive got events from the start of the year and a wedding from September amongst others to share.

September 14th was Heritage Day and I, accompanied by my wife went to see what was around Kings Lynn.

I was mostly (you can read only) interested in the Air raid shelters that had been uncovered and made accessible for viewing to the public underneath the Tuesday Market Place.

There was a long queue that I had to wait in and a small set of very steep and narrow stairs to descend but once underground although bare it was surprising how large the tunnels were; apparently they could hold a couple of hundred people during crises.

Obviously they were very dark, so high ISO was needed; ISO 2000 to make a hand held shot.

Nice and grimy
Above ground there was a car show, I didn't take any photographs of cars but I did take 1 photograph of one Ladies experience of it.

And finally, this also chuckled me.

Why no shoes?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Never Despair; Street Photography and Street Art, Norwich, December.

Another day, another month, another trip to Norwich, another blog post.

I continue to love street art and Norwich is full of it from Tags to stickers galore.

It was a shopping trip so there wasn't much time to go looking for it but these are some of my favourite pieces from the day just because they were simple and in good locations for including people in the shots.

We had time to stop for food though, never had complimentary popcorn before dinner but it was good!
Thanks for looking.