Monday, 9 September 2013

A day out at the beach in Sheringham, Norfolk.

I visited Sheringham in Norfolk with Laura on Sunday and had a really nice day due to good weather, lovely fish and chips and a Danish pastry, alright company (lol) and a nice drive home along the coast road with the roof down and of course some photography.

Recently I picked up a couple of Praktica film SLR's and a few lenses as well as loads of filters and a tripod (and probably more that I've forgot), so I went on Ebay and purchased an adapter to mount M42 mount lenses onto our Olympus E-PL1. From the new but old camera bag I picked out a 28mm F2.8 lens and a polarising filter.

It's been a while since I've used a 100% manual focus lens, I usually only use manual focus when in the dark or if the auto focus/focus point is being fooled. The last time I used a manual focus lens was actually when I created the blog post featuring Laura in black and white.

It took a little getting used to but as the day went on i got a little more comfortable with the operation.

There were some great paintings on the sea defence wall, here's a few.

This ones my favourite.

There are some really colourful beach hut's on the sea front that numerous were enjoying on the day; we enjoyed taking a nosey look inside them as we walked past. Some had great names and art work.

Apparently Jabba is local!?

 I couldn't resist this weathered looking sign.

And for some reason I was drawn to these old metal signs on the wall, I know it sounds a bit weird but I knew it would make a great photo and personally i really like it.

On another note we also visited Boston in Lincolnshire, don't worry we wont be doing it again for a while. There's an impressive looking church there; St Botolph's, this is a different way of looking at it.

Thanks for looking.


Monday, 2 September 2013

A little find on the side of a road after an unsuccessful trip out.

It was Saturday morning at approx. 7.30am when I woke up and decided that I was going to go for a drive and take some pictures.

As per usual at the moment I'm still enjoying urbexing (urban exploring) and every time I'm ever out driving anywhere with my wife, family and/or friends I'm always looking out for locations to explore.

On Saturday I decided to finally have a look around a large farm house that I know has been empty since I was child and another house that I only spotted a couple of weeks ago while driving to Peterborough.

Too cut a long story short here the farm house was boarded up and within 5 minutes of being at the location a farmer come along I suppose to see what I was up to, however once I said I was interested in taking photos of the old buildings and anything cool lying around he said I was welcome to explore; well I didn't find much and was soon on my way.

The 2nd location; the house I spotted a few weeks back did look like a great location and looking through the windows there was some really smart stuff in side, such as retro/vintage/or what some people just call really old furniture etc. The windows had a lot of grime on them and the house looked in a poor state and looked empty of life,  however there were some caravans and cars in the back garden so either someone's planning to restore the old house or they've got a free place to stay!?

So I then decided to drive around back roads to see what I could find and with in minutes I found this place.

Again there seemed to be either life next door or maybe in the back garden but I was nice and quiet and after all I'm not interested in causing damage or steeling any ones property.....I just want to have a look around.

If being totally honest there wasn't much too look at inside as it had been gutted and due to the hole in the roof when walking upstairs I wondered if the floor would fall through due to prolonged exposure to the elements.

So here's some more pictures;

On the way out I took a photo of one of my recent purchases; a Praktica MTL50 film SLR camera that I had just finished a role of black and white film in......I cant wait to see the results from that roll, here's the picture of the old heavy beauty.

The last photo I took with my DSLR on this day, I took a few at another unsuccessful location after this one with a another film camera, was of the door of the house; it had some great textures.

Until next time.