Sunday, 17 December 2017

Half Frame, Lots of Frames

So, when its -1'c outside and I'm sat in my dressing gown, I am not going outside to look at the camera.

Ill just say, I'm not sure what model it is because I've look at loads of google images and wikipedia comparing to pictures on my Instagram and I can't find a camera that look s the same as mine; they all have different shutter buttons.

So mine looks like a PEN EE but has the shutter button of a PEN EE.S. If I braved the cold and gave the neighbours a fright id be able to figure it out, I'm sure by the maximum aperture. But right now I'm happy with just not knowing.  Stay warm!

Either way the camera comes from sometime between 1961 & 1981. It's half frame, fixed focus & fully automatic, meaning it does what it does when you point it at things.

I picked it up for something like a £1 from the Sunday market. At 1st I wasn't interested until I opened it and noticed that the frame mask was tiny and in my head alarm bells rang with a 'its a half frame camera, get it, shoot loads of exposures'

This half frame camera, shoots twice the amount of exposures on a roll of 35mm film. so 72 shots on a 36 roll etc.

But the negatives are small. So don't expect detail and large prints.

Ive only shot 1 roll, not including the few shots that were left on the roll in the camera when I purchased it. A lot of that roll was ruined when I opened the back of the camera not knowing there was a film in it. But who buys an old camera without checking it 1st.

The camera joined us on a weekend away in Norwich, December 2016, a roll of Fujicolor C200 in tow.

Point and shoot.

And sometimes you scratch your head and wonder how so much dust got on only 1 or 2 frames of the whole roll.

I like Anglia Square in Norwich. It's like the place that Norwich forgot. Once the big shopping centres were built there's no real reason to go there and so either shops sit empty or are used by discount chains but who doesn't like Poundland??

Theres a massive vacant office building, trust me I've looked round it for a way in, which is absolutely covered in graffiti.

A perfect subject to capture via a 20+ frame stitched image;

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Flying low at RAF Holbeach

Established in 1926 in the sleepy little village of Gedney Drove End, RAF Holbeach is a practice gunnery and bombing range. For those of us that live in the area close to, its a constant source of NOISE.

For sure you can see your fair share of fighter planes and gun ships but the majority of the time you just hear the jet engines and the thud thud of distant helicopters and this can go on for hours!

Drones are a bit of a novelty. A very expensive novelty too.
I like them, no doubt about it, they're cool but......

Things are no longer off limits, well apart from airports (for most people apart from those near missers), places are now in reach that were never in reach before. Views and angles previously only available to people with light aircraft are now achievable to every member of joe public.

A cold and windy Sunday in October, i loaded up my bike on the back of my car and drove to the marsh and then got my, head wind, pedal on to the waters edge.

Fly safe!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hidden troubles in Spalding

As I've said previously, don't let your images collect virtual dust.
Don't let things become stale. Push yourself. I really am sitting here right now, MacBook on my lap, headphones on, trying to think of a long term project that can keep me interested and push me to do something different.

I've got one idea. I've now just got to put my hand up in the class room that is social media and say "ummm, would anyone be interested in.........." and hope that I get at least one "yes" back. Although it wouldn't be much of long term project with just one sitting or session.

Anyway, something that always seems to interest me is the beauty in the decay; the things that people don't see or more like don't want to see.

A homeless persons home
I come across a lot of shelters and beds in derelict buildings but this one was a real surprise. Its in a tiny little space down the side of a building with no shelter over head. 

Life can hit you hard.

I do however draw the line there. I will not photograph a homeless person as an easy street photography target. I wonder which is worse though? Photographing the easy still target in the gutter or invading someone's space whilst maybe they're away from their shelter?

This photowalk was a cold jaunt around Spalding, early 2017, I'm sure after a hospital appointment. Looking for alley ways and detritus, thankfully in the market towns around me both are plentiful, the latter the local councils may not be so thankful for.

What I do remember from the start of the year was reading an article about Stephen Shore; a pioneer in 1970's colour photography. Being someone who has always had a liking for all things black and white, vivid colour images of all things that would now been seen as retro were fresh in mind as I walked past this empty Royal Mail building with!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

From Russia with love. To Stamford with art.

Don't go thinking that I've been to Russia. Or, by all means, you can go thinking that I have been to Russia, think all you like. I haven't.

However the camera used for these images has been to Russia, in fact it came from Russia.

The Kiev 4 was produced between 1947 - 1987. So I might have been 2 years old when was mine was made, might have?

I paid £5 for the camera and 50mm f2 lens attached. Half of me thinks I paid £5 too much for it. The trouble is I haven't decided if the camera is faulty or not. After about frame number 30 of a 24 exposure roll of Agfa Vista, I thought f@£* it! it's not winding on. Only to develop the film and to discover that it was.

Granted, like many cameras, I only ever shoot one roll of film before the camera gathers dust in the drawer or gets sold on. So I have no hard evidence whether the camera is faulty or not, it seems I either wasn't counting exposures correctly or its fine?

On to the experience. Its a great camera, its solid, heavy and using the rangefinder is a pleasure with the focus wheel on the top of the body. Im not sure I had the 'Contax Hold' down to a T though as each time I put my eye to the viewfinder I saw my finger.

The photos for this blog were taken on New Years Eve in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
I was surprised to find street art and so I really should go back and search out some more.

Street Art by Snik

The roll of Agfa Vista was my worst home developed roll so far. A truly awful amount of water marks had initially ruined the roll. Until I read that a little bit of breath and a lens cloth is the best way to get rid of it.

I do wonder if my chemicals are reaching their use by???
Maybe I did something that made the process very 'soapy'?

I've got a few rolls waiting to be developed in my fridge.
Theres only one way to find out if the chemicals are still good to use.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Don't let images collect virtual dust.

There is a real problem with film for me. Its my usual problem but it seems to really affect my film pursuits.


That whole magic, 'you don't know what your going to get', thing for me turns into 'you won't ever know what your going to get until you develop the film that's sitting wasting away in the fridge and then collecting dust waiting to be scanned'.

The saying then continues with 'and once you've scanned them, you need to import them into Lightroom and then finally do something with the images that have taken months to materialise'.

I don't see that phrase being famous and used on posters, t-shirts etc. But I'm  sure i can't be the only person in the world who loses images in their ever expanding Lightroom catalogue. I don't lose them their well named and tagged, its more forget. I've got lots of images that i have forgotten about; whole days, whole holidays that i have never shared and have definitely not printed.

All on my lonely hard drive waiting for one big failure to happen and poof........they're gone.

So to get back on track I'm going to start with the remaining shots from a roll of Truprint 35mm.

The box speed was ISO 400 but an unknown expiration date made me think shooting at ISO 100 would be a good was.

In a previous blog post I'm sure i said how much i liked the vivid colours that i got from this roll. I continue to apart from one shot where the horrible red skin colour is just too overpowering but its important to share a failure now and then;

But now thinking about this guy might of the beetroot persuasion???

For subjects such as a local funfair the vivd colours are very fitting.

What you looking at!? 

The House on the Hill
Kings Lynn Street Art
A little Macro photography with the Tamron 90mm F2.8
 So I'm really going to try and sort my blogging out and really start to share some of the photos that have been collecting virtual dust in my Lightroom catalogue.

Stay tuned.

And i do apologise for the random image content this time. I just really like the colours from this roll.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Truprint Portraits

Occasionally I get given film and cameras.
I love it.

One of the many Kodak Brownies I've been given sits proud in my living room. It makes a great ornament.

This post is about a roll of Truprint 35mm film that was a welcomed gift from an ex work colleague.

Its been stored in my fridge for a year. Im not sure how it was stored previously; likely a kitchen drawer.

I have know idea of the expiry date but I'm guessing it would be in the 90's or the early 00's. It was labelled up as ISO 400 but because I was unsure of the life but also sure it was well beyond I shot it at ISO 100. Besides I sometimes feel that my film images can be a bit under exposed so at ISO 100 I could even be over exposing by a win!

I loaded it up the last week of March into my Canon EOS 600 SLR and headed out with Laura around Kings Lynn with a Tamron 90mm f2.8 attached. 

Plenty of available light on this bright and fresh day.
All images f/3.5.


The day after we went for a walk around Sandringham woods.
All images f/4

I wish I had more of this film. Its scanned really well (since this roll I've improved my scans so these images could be better), the colours are really vibrant and all the images have come out really warm.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Early Mornings. Find beauty. Shoot.

So I've blogged the Analog Nights and the Kodak Moments in Wisbech.

This leaves the shots i took on early morning winter starts.

Cold, foggy, intense low sun, wet, fresh, either/or but always there is beauty if you look for it.

And you really don't have to look far.

Perhaps the wrong way to go but ill start with my most treasured early morning frame.

I can't explain how magical i found this scene to be.
I hate fog, i especially hate the use of car fog lights. So a foggy start is guaranteed to put a downer on the journey. It was one of those bright early mornings where the sun is intense in your windscreen as your trying to see past the condensation on the window. Nothing visible but the street furniture and cars directly in front.

Heading to somewhere that i don't want to go to.

And then.....

Blue sky, white clouds and the towers peeking above the fog. The beauty i wasn't looking for that found me. It sent shivers down my spine. Something as simple as the change in weather.  The moment that the fog started to clear.

This is what opened my eyes to looking for beauty, this shot, this scene right here.
No matter the crap that you have to wade through everyday, if you just look, something like this magical moment will be happening in front of you, if you just open your eyes.

Maybe it was just a turning point for me. Not long after this i walked out of my day job.

Shooting the scenes on film really did let me relive the moments. When i scanned the fog scene and it slowly appeared on my screen i shouted out loud "yesssssssssss", knowing me there would have been more swearing. Id forgotten that i had taken the shot on film. Id also taken a shot on my iPhone and so i thought the moment was captured but over.

Oh, the waiting for film magic!

Why do i take so many car mirror shots?

Bloody love this car. It reminds me, I've not driven it for a month. Time to wash, polish and sell.........sad face.
So theres the final bog from the roll of Kodak Color Plus shot with a Canon EOS 600 SLR.