Saturday, 4 June 2016

Do I or don't I?

Challenge, challenge, challenge.

I'd be lying if i said i didn't think about the word challenge at leat once every day.

I keep using the words on these blog posts, on my Facebook and Instagram pages, twitter, you name it.

Challenge is my buzz word and it has been for some time.

I have a freezer drawer full of films, ranging from 35mm Agfa Vista ISO 200 from Poundland to 120/medium format from the 1970's. All nice and cold to prolong the life a little more, waiting for me to use it.

Problem No. 1; Not really a problem, more of a question. Why shoot film when i have some amazing digital cameras? i know it doesn't make sense, its just a desire.

Problem No. 2; Will it come out alright?  Not the exposure, more, will the shop/lab develop it correctly, how do they know what i was feeling when i took the shot?

Problem No. 3; How to view my images? the traditional method was to print, i like prints but i want to share too. After all we are now the internet generation, travellers on the information super highway, everyone loves a 'like'.
The scans of previous films have left me wanting more, more quality, more information, bigger files. They lack sharpness, they're usually quite soft and muddy.

Problem No.4; The cost. Oh the cost. Pay to develop, pay for prints, pay for scans of the images so you can share them. The better the quality, the pricier the service.

So, the answer to many of my problems is home development. Yeah i can do that, i have lists of the equipment i need and have various kits saved in my eBay watch list. I figure it will cost me £100 to get set up.

The practical experiment will be enjoyable I'm sure once the paranoia and stress of getting it wrong subsides.

It does leave me with the biggest problem from above though; viewing the images and allowing others to see them too.
Do i shop scan?
Do I buy a flatbed scanner? the more you spend the better it is.
Do I buy a 'budget' film scanner, again it seems the more money spent the better the scan.

Do I scan with what I already have to hand; another camera.
Yes it's a little odd. Yes it almost defeats the object; Why shoot film if having to then digitise via a digital camera? 

It works though;

Macro Lens.
A light to illuminate the negative; iPad.
Film holders; pens.
With a piece of white plastic bag and the glass from a picture frame to block the pixels from the iPad showing through.