Thursday, 27 February 2014

Freelensing Nude With Laura

It's my 29th birthday so ive got a day off from work, that in itself is worth a yay........YAY!

Last Friday night I fancied a bit of photography and was wanting to try out Freelensing. Freelensing in simple terms is taking your lens off your camera and holding it a small distance away from the camera/lens mount and taking a photo. The reason to do this is the crazy focus plane you can achieve.

The problem with the method though is exposing your camera's sensor to the elements and the dust that's floating about everywhere. There was no way I was exposing my 5D for extended lengths of time but luckily I have a 'few' cameras laying around these days so the trusty old 450D had its moment in the spotlight.

Talking of spotlights I have recently picked up a small continuous light with barn doors from a colleague at work who had loads of camera accessories in a car boot sale box. Its an old piece of kit that gets really hot after being on for even only a few minutes however it gives out real strong source of light that is modifiable using the barn doors.

Back to Freelensing.

The gap between the camera and lens needs to remain very small however the beauty of the method is that the lens can be tilted in whatever direction you want. Depending on the direction of tilt is what is in focus in the picture. This method can also allow you to gain focus on two separate areas of the photo.

This is my first go at trying this out and let me tell you now, its not easy; the slightest millimetre change of the lens/camera gap will totally change what is in focus, this takes some getting used too.

Luckily I persuaded Laura that she didn't need any clothes on for this shoot.......WAIT....before we go any further its not one of "those" types of shoot.

I got Laura to lay on the bed and set up the light source on my tripod to my left at a right angle. The light was set up just above bed height and the doors closed slightly to concentrate the light on to Laura's face.

I really like these images and its definitely something im going to try again.

Let the fun begin.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Why do you always find chairs when exploring? Part 2

Im planning on finally emptying my hard drive of 2013's images and Ive just remembered that I created this post in December 2013
How can I leave a part 1 out there and never follow it up with a part 2.

So its 9pm on a Saturday night, im sat round my Sister Amy's house and its time to get it done. Lets hope it not too rushed but im taking pictures so often at the moment that I want to share, I need to get these shots ticked off the list.

The site of this explore is in Coldham near March, Cambridgeshire it had so many different rooms to go in and out of, not to mention a bungalow next door to the left and 2 houses surrounded by overgrown gardens to the right.

The entrance was inviting.
The door was open too!
Inside the first room were a number of things to focus on.
 It would take a lot more than turning this handle now to turn the power on, all the copper wire has been taken.

 Shame I didn't find the gun.
This doesn't work very well.
As well as chairs all over this place there were also bikes scattered around.

I didn't follow these rules......what a rebel.

How can someone leave photos? How dare they?
This guy made me laugh!

Why the surprised face?

 Great light shining in here.

Mixed a few tunes while I as there, the place was banging!

My favourite subject and shots of the day were of a chair I found in a very distressed room, the place had been proper smashed up; holes in the wall and broken glass everywhere.
The light however on the chair really caught my eye. I wanted to capture the chair bathing in the light from the broken window but also the shadow and darkness surrounding it.
I could not decide which was my favourite edit, so here's both.

Ive already got my next post lined up, ive been getting creative with an old film lens and my old 450D.
Thanks for looking.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Kings Lynn Mart - A night at the fair, was you there?

My 2nd and final blog post on the Kings Lynn Mart is featuring shots of people at the fair and the fair itself.

I covered a very brief history and my aims for the night in my blog post yesterday, if you haven't seen my first post please take a look;

I put the new Sigma 70-200 to use and got some candid shots of people working on or others enjoying there time at the fair.

Patiently waiting.

Family fun.

This ride had an observation platform above it. Very inviting to a photographer! Also very considerate, thanks for the strobe!
Focusing on small aspects of the bigger picture.


Then the fish eye lens came out to play


 A fellow photographer getting their shot.

There's some shots taken on the night that I now look at and think that I should of gone for a longer exposure and got a perfect circle in the background of the big ride. However that's not what I wanted to achieve on the night, so I need to be happy with the results that ive got and move on. I could always go back and get the shots if I really wanted too any way. The world is my photography oyster.

Im now thinking about a new subject/method of photography and I may just go and have a go now.

Thanks for looking.