Saturday, 31 October 2015

Street Photography; Cartagena, Spain.

It was a good holiday.

Good weather, good food, good fun and some good photography experiences and subjects.

After the Mountain, street photography was my 2nd favourite photography past time on holiday.

The Spanish city of Cartagena was great; real hustle and bustle in the City centre. In between the shops and people, were bars and cafes serving real delicious tapas and cold beer! you cant beat beer and food. well you can beer, food and cake!

The thing I liked about this trip to Spain is that I really observed how much Spanish people like to congregate and chill with friends. The chilled vibe makes for some easy street photography.

Near the Roman theatre the roads and streets are on a gradient and offer some different views.

A quick beer stop!

Funny looking people in the city centre.

Remembrance of 9/11.

I loved the tight streets with tall old buildings on either side.


Do you ever feel like your being watched?
Seriously cool street art/graffiti

The smoking man

Another beer stop

The sad sailor

This was next to where the car was parked. A nice little find
 I want to go back.