Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The streets around the O2

It was a busy weekend when I last visited the big smoke; London.

we spent a little time at the O2 arena like all tourists, though I used this time to walk around and grab shots of the other tourists and the high rise buildings surrounding the word famous structure.

Come to think of it, I didn't take any photos of the dome, why bother, if you want to see a it.

Around the outside of the arena is a partition wall that I guess building work is being conducted behind. Lucky for me this temporary wall is used as a giant bill board containing images of almost full sized humans.

This makes street photography easy.

This guy was hardly dressed properly for the game.

I think this teen realised too late that she had tickets for the wrong show as the crowd partied around her.

Skate or die.

Being a small town boy, tall buildings fascinate me. The perfect warm weather supplied the good time feeling for this image.

Remember to look up.

Down at the waters edge I waited for at least 15 minutes for a couple to walk along together in front of this sign.

Now colour popping is not my 'thing' at all, this could well be my only colour popped image ever and may be the last!

Easy shot, everyone in London loves to run where the big crowds are, ego boost!

Keep shooting!