Friday, 7 April 2017


If it was restored it would be an almighty home. I lost count of the bedrooms. The land and out buildings were vast.

The cost would be ginormous. Too much for average Joe.

Entrance was straight forward, the door was open.
It was easy going around the house as all belongings were gone and the majority of the house had been stripped to bare brick. Light shone in from all directions through holes and cracks in the walls. Sections of the house are not advisable to explore as the ceiling and floor look rotten. Even the last owner/developer has barred access to the worst room as I'm sure you would fall through immediately.

Take a look for yourself.

From the window of the grande house we could see another building in the distance. A 5 minute drive  landed us on the door step of this over grown farm building.

Look at how nature has reclaimed the land.

Thanks to Lloyd for the company.

Thanks for looking.

Tune in next time.