Sunday, 18 October 2015

Walking up a mountain

Or was it a hill?

Either way on holiday recently in Spain; the Murcia region to be more exact, we stayed on a golf resort that was surrounded by either hills or mountains.

For a week my brother and I said we'd walk up to the top of the closest.

Its one of the greatest things ive ever done.

We stood at the top and shouted 'hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' and the like and heard it echo around for miles, that was awesome. Laura and Carrie, still at the Villa said they could hear us but they couldn't see us.

The walk up took approx. an hour and a half from the surrounding land to the summit. From the word go it was interesting as we passed caves, small disused quarries and old buildings.


Real decay in this place, the sun and heat isn't kind.

The old wooden door and bed was a nice touch though.

As we reached the bottom of the 'moutain' there was no paths so we had to choose our own way up, the fun really began; grazed skin from the odd miss placed step and prickly bush....real man stuff, in my running clothes; the modern day mountain climber.


Towards the top there were times when hands and feet were used to traverse the slope, I admit, I felt pretty cool 'climbing'.

The view from the top was spectacular, we could see for miles, despite the haze from the heat of mid day. As we sat at the top eating fruit and drinking water, their was a cliff edge behind us with a big enough drop to kill!

The way down was more difficult as the ground was unstable and the temperature had risen again.

Throughout the climb, from a photographers perspective, as always, I was glad to have my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with me and XF18mm F2 lens. Reliable image quality and light compared to my 5D. Having just the one lens and the 'small camera' with me allowed me to enjoy the experience without being weighed down and pre-occupied with changing lenses all the time.

The camera was used as an accessory and not as the purpose. A lot of the time I only go places for the photography, this time I went for my eyes, soul and memories.

Whether it was just a big hill or a mountain, its one to be remembered.