Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rubbish shots from a rubbish camera

Despite the increased use of my digital SLR's I have still been using film cameras when time allowed.

I picked up a 'toy' camera from a charity shop at the start of last summer just because it looked cool, I paid £1 for it and to be honest I think I paid £1 too much. In reality its a cheap plastic bag of crap that looks slightly like a SLR camera but to anyone that knows what they're looking at they will know that its just a hopeless piece of plastic that might just take photos if you cross your fingers.

The camera is called a 'Barclay Card Visa Camera' its from the 80's at a time that companies offered these 'professional' cameras instead of offering a free pen. If anyones interested follow this link to see pictures and info about the camera Ive read on the net that mail order companies also used to offer such cameras at extortionate prices advertising that people would be able to make professional photos with these professional cameras. Just image everyone's disappointment.

It gives a choice of 4 apertures f/6, f/8, f/11, f/16 and that is as professional as it gets, there's no focusing, there's no choosing a shutter speed you just hope and dream that when you press the shutter button it works.

I hoped and dreamed but obviously not enough. Out of a 24 exposure film I got 8 or 9 photos and some of those were terrible.


I don't even remember taking these shots but there was a nice surprise.


Finally I managed to get the camera to work for a few shots in a row on the way to work.
Ive stitched these together using a programme I won in a competition called Serif Photoplus X6.

Pretty cool!
Youll be pleased to know that the camera broke when I removed the film.