Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A world shot on black and white film.

Ive been shooting when I can using my Praktica MTL 50; a good strong metal based SLR mentioned in a previous post. Its a real beauty to use and look at.

Like any of my film cameras I load them up, take a few shots and put them back in drawer until next time, so the pictures on this post are from the past 4-5 months.

These shots were taken using BW400CN film that expired in 2006. I bought 8 rolls for about £15 last year and they are sitting in the freezer waiting to be used.

I don't know what it is but I love black and white, its a love that's really taken hold since late 2012 and now I find myself editing numerous digital images and converting them to black and white. I love the simplicity of a black and white shot with no colours to distract the eye, its also the timeless look of a monochrome shot that could of been taken anytime in the past.

Although I really like the camera sometimes im slightly disappointed with the shots its a combination of the grain of the film and processing and the softness of the lens that I use mostly; Im sure I can hold the camera steady, ive had plenty of practice these days and I take time to focus, yet shots im sure will be sharp often turn out soft.

The first day I loaded this film Laura and I were going shopping in Norwich.
A classic phone box.
Selfie taken in Bank in the Chapelfields Shopping Mall. Its got a great mirrored ceiling.

Someone moaned at me for taking a picture in the Castle Mall.....yawn!

Next the camera travelled to my Brothers at Bishops Stortford for his birthday weekend in November.

We had fun in the park

King of the castle.
What is it about benches that keeps me taking photo's of them?

 Family group shot outside the pub.
 Yeah....big dog!
 Is that a funny walk Spen?
These self portraits turned out a lot darker than what i expected especially considering I used a light meter

The last 3 frames of the film were taken at the General Cemetery in Wisbech on a Saturday morning when I had taken Laura to work and I thought id take a look at this over grown old burial site.
2 more benches for the album!

Thanks for looking.
Ive already got a couple of future blog posts planned.
So please tune in next time.