Friday, 21 February 2014

Kings Lynn Mart - A night at the fair, was you there?

My 2nd and final blog post on the Kings Lynn Mart is featuring shots of people at the fair and the fair itself.

I covered a very brief history and my aims for the night in my blog post yesterday, if you haven't seen my first post please take a look;

I put the new Sigma 70-200 to use and got some candid shots of people working on or others enjoying there time at the fair.

Patiently waiting.

Family fun.

This ride had an observation platform above it. Very inviting to a photographer! Also very considerate, thanks for the strobe!
Focusing on small aspects of the bigger picture.


Then the fish eye lens came out to play


 A fellow photographer getting their shot.

There's some shots taken on the night that I now look at and think that I should of gone for a longer exposure and got a perfect circle in the background of the big ride. However that's not what I wanted to achieve on the night, so I need to be happy with the results that ive got and move on. I could always go back and get the shots if I really wanted too any way. The world is my photography oyster.

Im now thinking about a new subject/method of photography and I may just go and have a go now.

Thanks for looking.