Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Abbey B&B, Stowbridge, Norfolk

Sunday 2nd February I went over to Stowbridge and took some photo's of The Abbey Bed and Breakfast.

The grounds were once the site of Crabhouse Priory and the original buildings were mostly demolished during the reign of Henry VIII.

The weather was nice and clear with not a drop of rain in site, albeit it was a tad chilly outside.

I enjoyed taking photos outside as the gardens were vast and there were some great trees and foliage to use in the shots. The owners had made every effort to dress the areas for the day and make it look homely and welcoming, very well prepared and some of the these set ups are my favourite shots.
So I started by shooting out side because the weather was so bright and I didn't want to get caught out by the rain which never came despite different weather reports for the day. Because its new and because its such a cool lens the fish eye got a lot of use.

Because of the south facing garden and the bright low sun shadows were a bit of a problem.  I wanted to look back at the house but I couldn't get my shadow out of the shot, until I made use of this tree's shadow.

The moment I saw these leaves in the garden I knew I had to use them in the foreground.

I just had to accentuate the way this tree was leaning over.
Damn I do love that lens. I love how much can be crammed into a frame.
Anyone fancy a picnic?
At the edge of the grounds is the river Great Ouse, I climbed up the bank and took this shot.
Great texture in this 'magical' doorway. Does it lead to a secret garden?
The house has loads of quality paintings hanging on the wall and antique furniture in every room.

My favourite shots of the day were taken in the dining room. The light shining in through a large window was very overpowering but once I found a way to utilise the light ive took some shots that I really like.

I may have too shoot some more flowers considering how much I like these.
Thanks for looking.