Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kings Lynn Mart - Focusing on being out of focus at the fair

The Mart is at Kings Lynn for 2 weeks. I haven't been since I was a young teenager. I have to say I did see some rides I wouldn't mind a ride on, in fact these rides there now seem a whole better than those 15 years ago.....15 years...woah!

The Mart has been taking place in Kings Lynn for over 500 years and started off as a trading fair however over the years the focus shifted onto rides and entertainment rather than business.

Rather than long exposure shots of rides spinning round making light trails I decided to capture different aspects of the fair and night.

I was also wanting to put my new 70-200 f2.8 Sigma to use. So far im loving the results, that's not to say that the fisheye isn't still up there with the fave's though.

I spent a lot of the night walking around the Tuesday Market Place looking for reflections in the windows of buildings surrounding the fairground.

And then rather capturing light trails via long exposures I was interested in the lights themselves.


Same subject again but I was interested in the colours and shapes so unfocused my lens at f2.8

This was a polished metal plaque on a wall also defocused at f2.8.
Lastly tonight I loved the colours reflected in this shot.
Ill follow this post within the next day or so with other shots taken at the mart. These will have more of a street photography feel and will feature some rides.
Thanks for looking.