Friday, 18 September 2015

Film frustration

Shooting film is frustrating;

1. When the film isn't wound properly, you shoot and you get nothing!!!!
2. Film is expensive
3. A lot of time composing and focusing, to discover the composition sucks, the focus is wrong and what you envisioned was not the actual result.
4. My Fuji makes my canon jealous and so shooting film makes both my expensive digital camera systems very jealous. Why the hell am I shooting on 30 year old cameras and expired films bought from charity shops when I have some exquisite modern cameras?
5. Film makes me feel in adequate as a photographer when the photos are rubbish upon development.
6. Do I purposely take poor photos when shooting film just because I'm shooting film? I think I do, "shooting film is fun" "shooting film is unexpected", are these just excuses in advance for the crap results I'm going to have to show for the waste of my time?
7. Ive not yet found a lab that I'm happy with the digital scans of my negatives.

Film sucks!!!

Examples of being rubbish


But I do like shooting film!!!