Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The view from above

So I had the burning desire to buy a drone.
It was all I could think, read and talk about.
Which one is the one for me?
What's the camera specs like?
Image quality?
How far do i want it to fly away from me?

I chose to buy a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Ive flown it 4 times and its great fun.

Boys and their toys.

Its not overly difficult to fly but I'm yet to take a look at all the settings available. Right now i know how to fly and to take photos and video. Next will be options like point of interest, follow me, planned route etc.

I plan to use it to explore a new world; the view from above.
To get shots that I've never been able to get before. To find out whats at the top of the church, tower, building etc.
A new challenge, a new angle.

What do i think so far?
Its a lot of phaf; every time it gets switched on it needs to be calibrated, updated, you name it. Putting the propellers on, taking them off.
But when it takes off and you can shoot up at what seems like a million miles an hour to this big kid, all that gets swept away by a big smile.

Drone photography will be a challenge to me though; I'm used to full frame Canon and the brilliant Fujifilm X-Trans sensors. The drone has nothing like that.
The lens has a fixed focus, I'm yet to figure the sweet spot for focus and compared to my DSLR's and CSC's the image's are soft.
However i can shoot raw, import to Lightroom and edit away like any other photo and that is definitely a nice touch.

What makes Sutton Bridge