Wednesday, 8 February 2017

An old game of cricket before joining the RAF

A grim Sunday morning out in the middle of Norfolk, looking for a building in the middle of a woods that we don't know the location of.

Actually simple enough to find. Especially when Jack asks the 1st person we see.

If you ever want the perfect location for a stereotypical running through the woods and find a scary cabin horror film then this be it.

The Cricket Pavilion. 

Theres not much to see. The trees are much more photogenic than the ruin.

Although if like me you want to make something out of nothing and find beauty in everything then look a little closer.

These doorways are amazing, so much depth and mystery.
lose yourself

For a few years I've wanted to visit RAF Sculthorpe and see what was still there.

Opened approx 1943 it has been used by the RAF and later by the USAF during the cold war. Its now used for the occasional training exercise and the majority is an industrial estate.

Most importantly though; the buildings form the past life are still there. They're not exactly falling down either, granted they're smashed up inside but the structures will last forever or someone will demolish them, which ever comes 1st.

My constant search for the light in the dark.

He's looking at you.

We plan on going back very soon with my drone and spending a lot of time here as we only looked around a couple of the buildings and theres lots more to explore.

Always look whats behind the wall, fence, door. There's a whole world to see.