Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Honesty may not be the best policy.

Let's face it.

Im no world famous photographer. Im not sure id even want to be one. 

I go through phases of picking photography jobs up. Im happy with those that i get through word of mouth. Theres nothing better than being told that so and so said your good and so can you shoot this for me. 
Thats a good feeling.

Times before I've really wanted to go full time but i feel that id have to shoot a lot things that i don't want to shoot. Im not that person. 
This is my passion, no one else's. 
My photography speaks to me. 

If it speaks to you, then i thank you.

What does it say to you? Speak your mind.

What it says to me;

This is who you are.
Seek to find beauty in everything.
Strive to stay positive but embrace the negative because it's always going to be there.
You will never be someone else.


I can shoot weddings, i like to, its one of my favourite subjects. 
I want to capture the beauty of someone else's moment. They've chosen to share this day with me and put trust in me to show them beauty in image form in return.

The ultimate challenge. Find beauty.

Sometimes it's the sunset behind the couple, sometimes its just that moment of contemplation when the bride thinks that no one is watching.

That moment.

Photography is capturing light. 
The light will be there if you look for it but why take a photo if its not 'That Moment'.

How does this read to you?
Have i said too much?
Have i put you off?

Now there is no link to the above and the imagery below.

The above is my mind, my honesty. Ive let you in. 
The reasoning for why i go out and capture strangers, dereliction & darkness.

If i didn't, where else are you going to see this?

Boston, Lincolnshire.
Fujifilm X100T.