Thursday, 4 February 2016

Window shopping in Cambridge

The best weekend of street photography yet.

I cant help it, im totally hooked.

I want to go out and shoot more street.

Its the challenge, finding something quirky, how close can you get to get that shot?, its the waiting game; waiting for someone to walk into the shot.

I've started to manual focus more; using zone focusing, knowing that anything in the 'zone' will be in focus. That way I can set up my focus zone, step forward and take the shot. The last thing I need is for the camera to hunt for focus!  I don't want anyone turning round wondering what im doing!!! LOL

If anything, im becoming more adventurous, im not shooting so many peoples backs anymore, im photographing people walking right towards me.

Often all you need is a smile after taking the shot, no one questions a smile.

This weekend ive started shooting with windows in mind; reflections, advertising, shooting through the window. Life is lived around windows, windows are everywhere.
Sale shopping

Just look at the similarities

This guy saw the funny side

Or walk on by

Im looking into her world, she's asking me why.
I cant wait to get to a city again.

Photography is my life and I want to live it!