Monday, 25 January 2016

The death of a whale

Maybe it's just part of their lives. 
The natural selection process. 
Life's shit and then you die.

For humans it's both sad and a spectacle; Whilst you stand there in awe touching the giant beast thinking 'wow this thing is massive'. 

Much like everyone else I had to go and visit the Sperm whale that washed up at the weekend. There have been beeched whales before, 1 in the last 5-10 years in my home town too, but I've never been to see one with my own eyes. 

For many of us this is the only opportunity we have to come close to such a creature. So it becomes a tourist attraction; a selfie magnet!

The whale in Hunstanton was not the only whale death this weekend, I've heard 3 were beeched in Skegness too, the opposite side of the wash from Sutton Bridge and Hunstanton and reports of some washed up in Europe too. 


The spectacle

As the blood trickles away

The Skeleton of a ship wreck and the body of the beast. 

This is the 1st blog post I've ever created without the use of a computer. No computer has been used to edit the photos, instead the Jpegs images were transferred to my iphone 6 from my Fujifilm X100T via built in wifi, a feature that I've used and love since my recent new purchase of the legendary Fuji. 

The blog has been been typed via the iPhone and Blogger app. 

The future of the whale tourist attraction is almost certain. 
iPhone blogging for me is currently not going to see a return. You can't beat a proper keyboard and mouse.

Carry on living your lives with open eyes