Friday, 22 January 2016

Being a kid and the ghosts of pigs

Its funny that ive just explored a building once owned by members of my family.

I remember going to this place as a child with my dad, I think he used to store things here.

Everytime I drive down this busy road, I see the old Piggery and think of long ago walking into this cold, dark and dirty place. Im not sure how long its been 'empty' for, im not sure who now owns it, im now 30 years old and my memories of the place probably date back around 25 years.

I was itching to go exploring December 30th, I woke up and its all I could think of, I didn't go, a little bored I was that day. So New Years Eve I climbed out of bed, put my exploring coat on; its just a dirty old duffel coat, and drove to Long Sutton with 2 locations in mind; both locations approx. 1 minute from each other on the same road.

For this explore I used my newest camera; Fujifilm X100T and the WCL-X100T wide angle lens converter. Since buying the X100T a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had a real chance to use it. I would usually explore with my Canon but I thought id see how this lens Fixed Lens Compact fared in a low light situation.

Image quality from Fujifilm cameras are known to be superb, a statement I agree with since previously owning an X20 and X-Pro 1 cameras. My X-Pro 1 is usually my carry everywhere camera but I think the X100T will now replace this title.

Urbex means low light, for me, its either a 'tripod day' or a time for high ISO, large aperture usage. I don't like tripods; they're too restricting so ISO ranged between 400 and 1600 and apertures typically around F2-2.8.

Muddy track led the way; a job for wellies
Early worm catches the early sun

A little dangerous this one


Mouse hole


Love the shadows on the door


My next blog post, coming soon, will be the 2nd location from this explore session.
Keep shooting!