Monday, 30 March 2015

The Photography Show 2015

I used to go to car shows, now I go to photography shows.

Being a bit of a camera geek I was quite excited about going to this.

The show itself covers one of the halls at the NEC, so it could be bigger but the size also shouldn't be sniffed at as the place was crammed with stands and stalls and absolutely buzzing with people. In fact I don't see a need for a larger show as it took me 6 hours to walk round it all.

I purchased a new lens for my X-Pro 1; a 35mm f1.4, so far im liking it!

I also picked up a few memory cards for my 5Dmkiii.

All ready for the summer weddings.

The show is a mixture of large manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon etc and smaller traders hoping to make it big. There are also talks, seminars and practical guides.

All in all a good day out. Laura even got a free massage so that kept her happy.

Im pretty sure its going to become an annual visit for me.


5 fingers

10 fingers

its rude to point....did your mother not teach you that?

I feel sorry for you mate

cool but overpriced

A wall of colour

Laura got herself on TV. I didn't think that the sour sweets were even that sour