Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gedney Railway station; waiting for a train since 1959

Gedney railway station was a station in Gedney, Lincolnshire. It was a station on the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway network. It opened on 1 July 1862 and closed on 2 March 1959.

Good ol' Wikipedia helped me with that info, hardly an essay but useful and to the point.

I've driven past this building many many many times over the years and a couple of years ago I visited it and took a couple of snaps of the outside. As the weather was mild on Saturday, I thought it was finally time to go in.

The building as I found out last time is a wreck, though I suppose any building that's been left for 56 years probably will be. Especially those that have been used a rubbish tip.

The place is not safe to walk around and I really should know better; the ceiling is caving in and in some places it's already fallen down, the floor has holes in it so you HAVE to look where your walking, the stair case is rotten and moves when you take a step.....the list goes on. The building really hasn't got much time left before it really does collapse.

The best thing about the site, is the platform that's still there, however the brambles have taken over so there's not too much to see. There's also still the station name board but again its hidden behind 6 foot tall thistles that are guaranteed to give you a bad time.

As far as the camera goes, I used my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and I still continue to love the thing. It has its downfalls, in particular the way Adobe Lightroom renders it raw files, they're so smudgy and no real sharpness or details. Oh well.

I used an old Canon FD 50mm lens that I mounted via an adapter. Shooting with an old manual lens is difficult when shooting in a dark environment as its tricky to get the focus spot on when using a wide aperture to let the light in. I also used the 18mm f/2 which I purchased with the X-Pro 1.

Taken with the Canon FD 50mm;

I love the softness of this image.

You always find a chair when urbexing.

Taken with the Fujifilm 18mm f/2

I thought this was pretty cool. These people left a discrete little reminder of their presence. I wonder who they are?