Monday, 16 February 2015

Visiting a hotel but not staying because its cold, damp and abandoned

I love exploring, I love urban exploring, I love urbex.

So, I wont say where this place is because I don't wish for it to be ruined anymore than it already has.

This building is big, loads of bedrooms and loads of public rooms, such as a ball room, bars and dining rooms. There's stair cases, long corridors and dark basements. Smashed windows cause doors to bang and wind to blow through gaps, water flows randomly through pipes and somewhere a toilet flushes when we're the 'only' ones there.

This place is really starting to have seen better days, its sliding in to disrepair extremely fast now. Water has leaked and has rotted through floor ceilings and floor boards. I would hate to think how much it would cost to do up if it was to be modernised and re-opened.

Ive visited 3 times now with different people; the 1st with Laura, I really can't believe I got her to have an explore. The 2nd was with Stuart and the 3rd was Josh and Abi, I wont mention who enjoyed this the most out of the two of them.

The 1st time I visited I was armed with my 5D and Sigma 17-35mm, the lens is old and like the majority of lenses, even expensive ones, is flawed but for a cheep bit of full frame wide angle it does the job. I should really get a more expensive lens but until ive used this lens more than the 3 times ive used it now I wont bother, plus for the price I paid ill soon get my money back. Plus I think its a case of finding the optimum focal length and aperture and so far ive not put the effort in with it.

The shots below are all form my 1st visit, ill post shots from the 2nd visit in my next post.

I didn't

Manicure time

Now that's what gone off milk looks like

If Carlsberg made door knobs

Keep on exploring.