Thursday, 12 February 2015

A night at the church

I visited a church with Kings Lynn Photography Group last Tuesday night, something different, something a little frustrating and something a little.....lens flare....damn it!

The church itself is big; St Margaret's on the Tuesday Market Place has been standing since around 1101 but has undergone various rebuilds since and was renamed Kings Lynn Minster in 2011, for more history visit

I decided to go wide angle that night on my Canon and there lies my frustration, lens flare like mad that I didn't notice until a couple of days ago when I started to look at my photos on Lightroom. If I knew at the time I would of put my hand over the lens at the point the flare was creeping in. Oh well never mind!

Ive got a real 'thing' for my Fuji camera's at the moment, this 'thing' has lasted since I bought my 1st (ok 2nd, my first 'proper camera' was a Fujifilm Bridge camera) Fuji in Spring 2014. However it is good to dust off the 5D every now and then.

Armed with a tripod (I hate using tripods) I walked around the church trying to get a different shot, although im sure everyone's different shots are much the same.

Im going through a dark phase at the moment, I want everything to be dark and gloomy. I want strong blacks, harsh whites, texture and grain. Im sure ill look back at my photos in years to come and wonder who turned the colour off.

Ok so the first shots were taken with my X-Pro 1 and 18mm lens as I couldn't leave it at home.

Im into shooting from low angles at the moment.

Shots taken on my Canon.

Looking up.

ah!, the dreaded lens flare, I took a while to compose this shot too; trying to get absolutely parallel to the pew.