Thursday, 29 January 2015

A different look at the bridge

Today it snowed and so the sky has been a mixture of blue sky and black storm clouds all leading to a very dramatic sunset over Sunny Bridge.

I had my Fuji X Pro 1 in the car, so I put it to use, most days im really itching for photography so the sky was a good reason too.

What's a picture of the sky worth without a subject in the foreground, the most obvious foreground subject in my village is the bridge itself. To make the sky look as dramatic as it did in real life and possibly that little bit more special and to test out the camera I exposed for the sky to retain highlight detail and Ive bought detail out in the shadows in Lightroom.

The shadows are a little grainy I agree but for a grab shot it has the desired effect; just look at that sky.

Im always drawn to the red phone box next to the bridge, Id love to be able to get both the phone box and the bridge in one shot but unfortunately there's a load of other crap in between them that just ruins the shot. However up until now I had never thought of shooting the bridge from inside the phone box.