Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A cold Sunday in Norwich is good for business

I made another trip to Norwich on Sunday for 3 reasons; 1st to get a new battery fitted to my phone, 2nd to have a look at a camera and 3rd to chat Wedding photography with potential clients.

It was a very successful day;
New battery.
New Camera
Another wedding booked.

As im sure you've read before and usually it takes place in Norwich, I love street photography, Mostly because its an excuse to carry my camera around.

Sorry, I already bought it

A missus putting up with her photographer fella


The beauty of walking around built up places is finding odd things like random clothing in random places. I was just waiting for a streaker to run by.

Biddys; the tea shop I met Fiona and Tom to talk weddings, a cool looking tea shop and a nice couple, Tom had the biggest slice of cake ive ever seen...........seriously it was massive

Keeping an eye on things

and pay silly prices for someone else's junk

A wall of windows

I wonder if they got wet painting that?

Ive been urbexing recently with a good friend so ill begin to post the shots from that soon, there are loads as the location is BIG!

Im beginning to look forward to 2015, should be a great year for photography.

I hope you, reading this, like what I do and take the time to look at my other posts.

Ive had over 11,000 hits now to this blog, so my photography is getting around.

Thanks for looking.