Monday, 4 November 2013

3 films from 3 SLR's Part 1 Pentax MZ-60

I cant believe how much my camera collection has grown over the passed few months.

Towards the end of the year I purchased a Holga and then got my Cosmic Symbol also very soon after, damn 'Cosmic Symbol' is such a cool name for a camera, my love for old film cameras begun there.

I was quite content with these as well as my DSLR and Laura's compact system camera for a good 6 months but a chance trip to Wisbech to get some films developed from the 2 film cameras mentioned above was a game changer.

While I was waiting for 1 hour development at approx £9 a film, rip off, I ventured into a local shop to check out what cameras they had lying around and asked the guy at the till if he had any cameras out back too which he replied 'actually we've got a whole box of cameras collecting dust' OMG I struck old cool camera gold!

Out came this box of camera that even before it was put down I could see things I was interested in; a few Polaroids even one in its original box. While I was digging through the collection of simple plastic cameras that I wasn't interested in I opened up an old Argos bag that contained a silver Pentax SLR with 2 lenses, at this point the shop worker came over and said 'how does £2 a camera sound?', that sounds lovely mate.

 Safe to say I liked the pricing of this place and treated myself to some bargains.

It took me a while to finish off a film because since that day I probably picked up another camera almost every week.

This camera; the Pentax MZ-60 was produced in 2002 and is easy to use. Its light and fits well in the hand. it has all the modes that a photographer would want. There are no dials like traditional cameras or even modern DSLR's instead there are buttons to press to alter exposure. The autofocus and exposure metering is simple but does the job with practice.

On to the photos.

The first day I loaded a film we went for a walk in the now gone summer heat down the marsh.

Enjoying a drive with the roof down
One of my main criticism's for the camera is the shutter lag between pressing the button and the camera taking the photo, id ideally prefer Laura's feet to be further from the edge of the frame but because of the shutter lag she'd walked further into the shot than expected.

My nephew and I found this last year and Josh thought this was hilarious 'cheese is go'!

Stone in your shoe mate?

One of the many times I've sat taking photos of Laura while she's done her nails
Sunrise over the River Nene, on a 6am bike ride to work.

Ella, loves to pose for a photo moment.
Damn she's an awesome dog!!!
I've taken the camera urbexing

I loved the colour of the sky on the morning of which this photo was taken, I went for a different composition here.
One boring rainy day, I decided to take photos out of the living room window using a polarising filter to limit reflection
Laura's going to be so pleased I put this one on the blog.
Testing out the built in flash, sat on my sofa while Laura did the housework around me.

This has got to be my favourite selfie yet, after a drive in the ol' mk2.
The following photo I'm pretty darn pleased with as I guesstimated the exposure time and it came out like this, I really like the colours and contrast.
Tune in next time for part 2.