Tuesday, 12 November 2013

3 Films from 3 SLR's Part 2 Praktica MTL-50

This part begins with me walking into a local antiques shop and asking if they had any old cameras. The answer was no however a lady who was sitting behind the till said that she had an old camera at home that belonged to her late husband.

She took my number and gave me a ring when she found and decided that she was definitely ready to part with it.

I drove to Holbeach, Lincolnshire, and was greeted by a large camera bag as well as a tripod positioned on the woman's living room floor.

I sat down and delved into the bag;

1 Praktica MTL-50
1 50mm F1.8
2 28mm F2.8
1 70-200mm
1 x2 Tele-converter
1 Flash gun
1 Pair of binoculars
1 Shutter release cord
2-3 camera straps
Another smaller camera bag
Various lens pouches
Various filters including coloured, starlight, soft focus etc.
Various lens hoods
wait a minute......................................OMG..........there's another camera inside another camera bag.......old school camera heaven!!!!!!

I sat and talked with the lady for approximately an hour as she wanted to tell me about her late husband, children, grand children, old pets, pubs, police and probably more that I no longer remember.

When it came down to talking money, she didn't know what she wanted and I ideally wanted to pay as little possible. After a few minutes I said what I actually had in my wallet and also said honestly to her that I had never planned to offer the full contents of my wallet either. It was then that she said that my maximum amount was only half of what she wanted.

After another few minutes she said as long as I use and enjoy the camera I could have it for what I had offered.


When I got home I layed the contents of the bags out on my living room and spent the next couple of hours cleaning the cameras, lenses, filters and anything else that looked as though it had 10-20 years worth of dust on it.

Both cameras were the same, albeit one was in better condition than the other. In hand a MTL-50 is a solid beast and makes you think 'this thing could last another 20 years'. After looking on the net I found the camera was from approx.  1983-1985. The camera uses a M42 screw mount which means there are loads of lenses out there that will fit the body....yay vintage photography bargain hunting can continue with a reason.

Enough babbling onto the photos from the first roll of film put through the ol' beaut.

Here, ill quickly mention that a couple of months ago I bought a stash of Kodak black and white films off Ebay that have been sat waiting for me to use them.

Being a film that can be developed in C41 chemicals (the same as most high street film kiosks such as Boots) it has various colour shifts so black and white can often be green, blue, sepia etc.

I took the camera urbexing with me, the 400 ISO Kodak BW400CN is a very grainy film in low light.

Urbex selfie
Bawsey ruins, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

The wife

I went camping in Ipswich with my sister Sadie and brother in law Spen as well as my niece and nephew Harriet and Mackenzie on a very wet August bank holiday, a great time as always though despite the weather.

 I love street art.

 Christchurch Mansion

 Damn I had I good time on this ride.
 That's my name don't wear it out

Thee lady who I bought the camera etc from said that I should pop round to show her the results, I do plan on doing this but first ill need to remember her name LOL!

Tune in next time for part 3; shots taken on an 80's Canon film SLR.

Thanks for reading.