Monday, 31 August 2015

On top of the bridge.

Recently I was lucky to be invited to go up to the control room of the Crosskeys Bridge in my home town (or is it village?) of Sutton Bridge. 

Now, im sure everyone would automatically think landscape, landscape, landscape;
1) The fens in my opinion doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of spectacular views unless you want to see flat farmland.
2) There wasn't much going on in the sky either as the sun was high and bright which is not what a landscape photographer desires.
3) Im not much of fan of Landscapes anyway.

Instead, some may say, as per usual I focused on the things that others may pass by like the controls etc.

Ok scrap all of the above.

I did like watching the cars come and go down the long straight stretch of the A17 Towards kings Lynn.

I took a couple of shots trying to get a car in the right place to make the most of the distortion on my Wide angle lens.

I suppose the other thing Sutton Bridge is famous for other than the bridge, the clue is in the name after all, is the 337 million pounds power station.

Inside was quite cool, if you like levers, buttons and spinny type wheel things, Oh and don't forget the kettle!

Im not sure ill ever get the chance to go up again but im proud to think or say that ive been up there.
Now id like to go underneath it and see or mechanical parts at work.