Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lights, CAMERA, action. On set with Dishonoured

To start, I can't believe this is my 80th blog post, what have I been talking about for all this time!?

Occasionally I've been shooting behind the scenes photography of a film being made locally;

Dishonoured (follow link)

Its been good fun to help out where I can.

Recently we went to a 'secret location' in Cambridgeshire and I for one had a great day, creative photography really blossomed.

As always im using the X-Pro 1 a lot, I think my 5D may feel a little left out the majority of the time. The lightweight small nature of the camera and lenses alongside the the quality of the images make it a winner for me. I find it really comfortable in the hand and it suits my shooting style.

On the day I used the lights on set to create silhouettes or as a spot light to pick characters out of the shadows. I took along a Canon Speedlite and combined the ambient light with the flash for a couple of shots using some Yongnuo flash triggers.

Its a shame that some of my best and favourite shots from the day can't be shown yet as they give a way a major part of the plot. These will have to be shown another time.

This guy was sat waiting in the corner

Creative debate

Smoking on the job

Wash the sheets afterwards!

Out of the shadows and into the light