Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pigs dont fly, breakdancers do!!!

This is possibly the greatest shoot I have ever done.

That's not to say that I'm not proud of my wedding shoots, family shoots etc or even things that I like to photograph as part of this awesome hobby.

I grew up with Chris, he was my best mate for years. He attended an after school dance group and from there went off to study dance (I'm sure it had a better or more prestigious name) for further education.

After he told me via Facebook that he was back in the village for a short while I new I had to get some shots of him dancing. From the get go, I had the vision of freezing him mid air during a flip, well that's a tick on the check list.

Shots were a balance of ambient light coming from the evening and night sky and artificial light from speedlite flash guns.

Here I will admit that the shots are not perfect; unwanted shadows, composition woes, underexposure for starters. However, Im still incredibly chuffed with the shots.

Shadows are difficult to manage considering the subject is forever moving, there's nothing stopping a leg or arm from blocking the face when breaking.

Focusing and following a moving dancer in near dark is difficult, the only time I know I have a good shot is when I take the shot and the flash's light the scene.

Exposure, well it gets dark quickly, and so I was forever playing with the lights to adjust power.

I would really like to do another shoot like this, not only cause the shots are cool, id also like to do it for practice alone; so many settings to perfect. I love the technical stuff.