Sunday, 16 November 2014

Alleys and streets of Kings Lynn.

I love narrow alleyways and cobbled streets from yester year.

I really enjoy walking around towns looking for old streets, walls, patterns, interesting scenes for street photography, you name it I like taking photos of it.

Having a small camera with full manual controls that I can fit in my pocket, ok large coat pocket but a pocket none the less, really opens up opportunities for photography as I can always carry a camera with little effort.

Laura and I go to Kings Lynn most Saturdays to have a look around the shops usually followed by a burger and pint at The Globe............mmmm Beer Burger!

So usually walking from or back to the car I go on a detour looking for things to shoot.

There's some really old buildings in Kings Lynn which have some great details and textures, the weather has turned recently into Autumn/Winter mode which helps with my grimy dark style of images.

Devil's Alley has some old story about the Devils footprint being seen there back in the day, believe what you like it makes for good photography.

Around this part of Lynn all the houses have old wooden style doors.
On a particularly wet day I was lucky enough to see this rainbow reflected in a puddle the size of a small lake. There was a wedding party close by, if only the photographer new about the rainbow he would of got some great photos, you snooze you lose, im afraid.
Down a alley close to the Globe Hotel is the Ferry Port, I caught these people waiting for the ferry to arrive; it made for a great photo due to the storm clouds in the background.

And this is what was behind me; nice and dark.
Coming soon are photos taken in the old alleys behind the Crescent in Wisbech and street photography taken around Wisbech including a man in a bin!