Sunday, 14 September 2014

Converse(ation) in Great Yarmouth

See what I did there? I haven't just miss spelt and used brackets all wily nilly for nothing.

We went to Norwich and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk last week for a few days. Plenty of photography happened so here's a few of the shots taken from those days.

My next blog posts will be about this trip but ill talk about different subjects in different posts.

Going for something a little different here, I focused on our shoes.

No.....I do not have a shoe or foot fetish! thanks.

The first shots were taken during our favourite pastime; Bowlingo.
Fun for £1 each has got to be had.

ISO100, 96mm, f5.6, 1/80
ISO100, 105mm, f5.6, 1/80
The next which were both a laugh and real annoying to take were taken that night on my little Fuji X20 (that's what the man bag was for Matt).

These ones were taken by sitting on the floor, focusing, using the 10 second timer and then running into the shot. The annoying part came from getting in the right place and the focusing shifting.

ISO 320, 28mm f2.2, 1/6
ISO 320, 28mm f2.2, 1/20
ISO 320, 28mm f2.2, 1/30
ISO 320, 28mm f2.2, 1/18
We also gave all the passers by a smile as they all wondered what the hell we were doing.
And I was a little paranoid about leaving my camera on the floor and turning my back to it.

Thanks for looking.