Friday, 12 September 2014

Bump shoot with Kelly and Scott (and Ella)

I was contacted via Facebook regarding a bump shoot under recommendation from another client that Im shooting for next weekend. This is good for someone who doesn't advertise!

The shoot went well.

The conservatory at the rear of the house was bathed in diffused light with plenty of space.

The expecting couple; Kelly and Scott were really nice and were well up for the shots.

The greatest part of the shoot though was their daughter Ella who was very funny and very cute. As soon as I walked in the door she was chatting away and singing her ABC's. All changed when the camera came out though, for this Im a little sorry for as Kelly was hoping for some real family shots. I did manage to capture a few candid shots of Ella playing, she was especially happy when I asked her if she wanted a picture of her eating so she can look at it.

Thanks again to Kelly and Scott who were prepared to show some skin and stand in some awkward positions.

Im now debating advertising. Onwards and upwards!

Thanks Kelly, Scott and Ella.