Monday, 14 April 2014

Urbexing at the Sutton Bridge 'Art' gallery

The 2nd site I climbed into last week was very close to home.

I had been in the building when it was still open to the public and was a business, safe to say it looks a bit different these days.

Firstly I think local 'artists' have been in and have tried to exhibit their best work.

Secondly, someone thinks the place is now a hotel as it looks like someone has been living here. There is a make shift bed on the floor with a pillow and I found left overs from a previous nights tea.

The site of this explore was a bit disappointing as was the first site in Elm earlier in the week.

I climbed through the window and was only greeted by 2 rooms that are accessible. Someone has boarded up another door way, maybe ill find out what's behind at a later date.

Not much to photograph either apart from the 'art' on the wall.

The lenses of choice for the day were; 24-105, 16mm Fisheye and 70-200.

On to the gallery

The end of what???

Who throws a shoe?

A chair to admire the work.

I got some funny looks climbing out of the window and walking off down the road.

Thanks for looking.