Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spending my birthday in Sheringham with my wife, the dog and of course my camera.

Thursday 27th February, my birthday, Laura and I took Ella to Sheringham, Norfolk for a walk in the sea air.

As always my camera was hanging round my neck.

We walked up a hill/cliff next to the golf course to where half a dozen benches are situated next to a look out post for the coast guard. Its a good view from which you can see for miles along the coastline on a clear day.

At one point as we were walking along the muddy and puddle strewn trail to the top of the hill the wind picked up and grey clouds rolled in, we were thinking we were about to get very wet, luckily the clouds blew past and out came the sun again. Laura would of well moaned about the rain if it did come down....phew! 2 minutes of peace!

The day was nice, followed by a curry on the way home, yum!