Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kings Lynn Mart at night from West Lynn

Bryan, a friend at work said he wanted to take some shots across the River Ouse of the Kings Lynn Mart. Its good to shoot with a friend so I joined him in west Lynn at 7pm on a Tuesday evening.

The weather was dry, however it was a tad windy so some of the shots take this night were binned due to not being sharp enough.

I made use of my new Sigma 70-200 and mounted the camera and lens on the tripod with my, ever increasing in weight, camera bag hanging from the middle for stability in the wind.

Ive edited all the shots and have converted them all to black and white as the colours of the street lights are too orange and I just wasn't a fan of the colours of the big ride at the fair against the orange lights of the street lights. Plus I do like black and white!

All shots were taken at ISO 100, f/8 and shutter speeds between 6 - 15 seconds.

Thanks for looking.