Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Selfie urbex

So the use of the word 'selfie' has increased by 17000% in the past year and Oxford dictionaries have made it their word of the year.

selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie.....is that now 17001% ?

I'm not usually a fan of them but who am I to talk, so if you cant beat 'em, join 'em!

I've recently got a new camera thanks to my wife Laura, a Canon 5dmk3, which if anyone knows anything about cameras knows its the bomb. Its now time I start to push myself into doing things with this photography malarkey but until I've gathered up some more new and better equipment this can be put on hold.

So until then.....more urbex and back to my original point of a selfie.

A work colleague, Rob, also a fellow photographer let me know of a little abandoned gem near March, Cambridgeshire, so on Saturday 30th November I went and had a look around and put my new beast to work.

I'll do a few blogs over the next week or so regarding this outing but for now, here's my selfies.

There's not a lot to say about them other than they were taken using a 24-105L lens, which is quite a useful focal range and it is commonly known as an excellent choice for a walk around lens.
I pre focused the lens on the gas bottle that I was intending to sit on, I could of done a better job of this if I spent more time taking these particular shots, as the sharpness on my face could of been improved by focusing slightly in front of the of the bottle.

During the editing stage I converted the pictures to black and white and boosted the contrast and sharpness.

Not much more to mention, oh ok apart from my Mo, its now December 10th and I've still got my Movember, I'm becoming quite attached to it but the Mo's days are now numbered.

More next time............