Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thursday Urbex

Since I was a boy I've always enjoyed exploring places and buildings.

When I was a young, there was an old shack in front of the family home. In between making bows and arrows and using my imagination and running from my older brothers who liked to pick me up by my ears, I enjoyed looking around the old building and looking through the belongings of the people who once lived there. It was like a forbidden fruit, as I wasn't allowed to go in there and would of been told off if my parents found out.

So jump forward over 20 years and Im always on the look out for place to explore. Im always taking mental notes on what's down each street and what's accessible. Photography now gives me a reason to explore; documenting buildings that may not be here forever or in some cases very long at all as they may face demolition or natural decay.

This particular find, can be thanked to a Saturday afternoon a few months back when I let my Nephew, Josh, have a drive around the back roads and small villages to gain some driving experience (and to keep up my status of being a cool uncle).

We drove past this place a couple of times and noticed that the place looked closed and empty. I was struck at the size of the place and new it would be good to have walk round. A couple of months later mission accomplished.

Now for some pictures.


Oh and I've found a way in!