Sunday, 23 June 2013

The death of boats

Tuesday was photography club night. Unfortunately it was rained off, so myself and Bryan went out and took some photos of Kings Lynn's fisher fleet, in particular the decaying vessels on the river banks.

We started off the night in the grounds of St Faiths Church in Gaywood where i really struggled to find anything of interest for me, until I went to the back of the graveyard and found a number of graves using crosses as grave stones.

70mm F6.3 1/13 ISO 200

The cross in the background, which is the point of focus was leaning over so I made it stand straight and its surroundings lean at an angle. My least favourite part of this image is the stump in the middle which is too bright.

Behind this scene is a cross on the floor and a lone grave a number of meters behind it.

31mm F4.0 1/30 ISO 200
On the way out I looked closely at the textures on a door and it's lock and noticed this above the door.

I then jumped in the car with Bryan and set off for the fisher fleet. Bryan had been there before but this was my first time and I would like to return again with a bit more time on my hands. Bryan says since his last visit the wrecked vessels have deteriorated more with some parts of the vessels now collapsed or missing.

The sky was very over cast and boring for photography, so I made sure to zoom in and crop the sky out in shot rather than at the editing stage.

The flaking paint and rotten textures make for a real sight and with a bit of exploring some great details can be found easily.

It difficult to capture the working fisher fleet as the sight is very messy and busy, with lines and angles leading in all directions .


 Three of the finer wrecks very accessible for photography. The two in the foreground are on a different side of the water from the one in the background. The further vessel is brought closer by the angle and focal length.

As you can see they were once quite large boats.

Never to be again.