Wednesday, 14 November 2012

One Day In Her Life; Manual Focusing and B&W With My Fiance Laura

The history behind this post is that i recently bought a Canon FD lens to reverse mount onto my camera to practice macro photography.

When buying the lens and reverse mount from ebay i also purchased an adapter to mount the lens onto Laura's Olympus E-PL1 compact system camera.

All in all, 1 old lens, 1 reverse mount and 1 adapter cost roughly 20 quid, which in my opinion isn't too bad.

Being an old lens it's fully manual, which was new to me as I'm used to controlling the aperture by the camera; this lens has an aperture ring just below the focus ring.

Mounting the adapter to the camera was very easy, just like mounting a true Olympus lens however mounting the lens to the adapter is a bit fiddly, especially to ensure control of aperture isn't lost due to incorrect mounting (this happened a few times) and now its mounted i really don't want to take it off.

It looks so good!

I really like how the camera sits in the hands with the larger lens on, it feels more natural than when it has the kit lens attached as the kit lens is tiny in comparison.

History lesson over.

I wanted to get to grips with using manual focus, so i decided to annoy Laura by following her around all day taking photos of her doing mundane things.

I really like this photo, the Laura's hands, phone and face area really crisp and sharp.
Its a very natural candid photograph.