Monday, 3 July 2017

Early Mornings. Find beauty. Shoot.

So I've blogged the Analog Nights and the Kodak Moments in Wisbech.

This leaves the shots i took on early morning winter starts.

Cold, foggy, intense low sun, wet, fresh, either/or but always there is beauty if you look for it.

And you really don't have to look far.

Perhaps the wrong way to go but ill start with my most treasured early morning frame.

I can't explain how magical i found this scene to be.
I hate fog, i especially hate the use of car fog lights. So a foggy start is guaranteed to put a downer on the journey. It was one of those bright early mornings where the sun is intense in your windscreen as your trying to see past the condensation on the window. Nothing visible but the street furniture and cars directly in front.

Heading to somewhere that i don't want to go to.

And then.....

Blue sky, white clouds and the towers peeking above the fog. The beauty i wasn't looking for that found me. It sent shivers down my spine. Something as simple as the change in weather.  The moment that the fog started to clear.

This is what opened my eyes to looking for beauty, this shot, this scene right here.
No matter the crap that you have to wade through everyday, if you just look, something like this magical moment will be happening in front of you, if you just open your eyes.

Maybe it was just a turning point for me. Not long after this i walked out of my day job.

Shooting the scenes on film really did let me relive the moments. When i scanned the fog scene and it slowly appeared on my screen i shouted out loud "yesssssssssss", knowing me there would have been more swearing. Id forgotten that i had taken the shot on film. Id also taken a shot on my iPhone and so i thought the moment was captured but over.

Oh, the waiting for film magic!

Why do i take so many car mirror shots?

Bloody love this car. It reminds me, I've not driven it for a month. Time to wash, polish and sell.........sad face.
So theres the final bog from the roll of Kodak Color Plus shot with a Canon EOS 600 SLR.